Friday, 27 June 2014

Security Admin - tables of wrong schema are displayed

I don't know how many people actually make use of Map's Security Admin but it seems there aren't many. Some basic information about Security Admin can be found here We have seen a couple of issues I want to document here for reference:

(a) some functionality is broken when using a Guest
We found out that some features in Map are broken when using a guest instead of the main data document (such as soft split/hard split not working properly anmyore, wrong form opens up for selected feature). Fortunately Autodesk has fixed that (for Map 2013 in form of hot-fixes).

(b) performance issue when creating a guest
That seems to be depending on the Oracle version in use. There is a workaorund (see here).  Unfortunately the SQL profile suddenly stopped haveing any effect in our database and the re-creation of a new profile has not yet solved the issue. But hey, it worked very well for almost 2 months. Some discussion is going on here.

(c) tables of wrong schema are displayed

When you open your guest user in Security Admin you might be surprised to see a completely wrong set of tables. In fact Security Admin shows the tables and views of different Oracle schema - not the one you have created the guest role for.
This will happen if your base schema (main document) contains synonyms. Security Admin displays the tables/views of the schema where the synonyms are pointing to. The only way to work around this - as far as we know - is to create PUBLIC synonyms instead of "normal" private ones.

Map 2013, SP2 (and a few hot-fixes)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

MapGuide fusion viewer - "The specified object was not found."

I just tried to select a feature in MapGuide Studio's "Map Preview" and got the following error message:

"The specified object was not found."

I hadn't seen the message before nor did it occur in any of the other maps.

I did a bit of research and came accross and older positing in MapGuide OS discussion list.

I checked whether I had the same situtaion here or not - by opening the xml definition of the layer file in Maestro. The order of the PropertyMappings seemed to be ok but I then noticed that there was one property mapping in upper and lower cases whereas all other PropertyMappings were in upper cases:

invalid property mapping in layer file?

It turned out that this property didn't occur in the featue table at all. After removing the mapping the message went away. It seems to effect fusion viewer only.

AIMS 2013 SP2,