Monday, 19 September 2016

AIMS 2017 - new error message

After updating from AIMS 2013 to AIMS 2017 no raster images were shown. Any preview in Studio triggered the following error message in the log file:

<2016-09-07T08:33:35> 3752 Ajax Viewer Administrator
Error: Stilisierung von folgendem Layer fehlgeschlagen: Luftbild_1pro
Ausnahmefehler in FDO-Komponente aufgetreten.
Ausnahmefehler in FDO-Komponente aufgetreten.
'FdoATILSession::GetImage': Funktion kann aufgrund eines ungültigen Wertes für Eingabeparameter 'fileDescriptor' nicht ausgeführt werden. (Ursache: , grundlegende Ursache: 'FdoATILSession::GetImage': Funktion kann aufgrund eines ungültigen Wertes für Eingabeparameter 'fileDescriptor' nicht ausgeführt werden. )
- MgMappingUtil.StylizeLayers() Zeile 899 Datei e:\build\2017\re_ims2017_46_1-6376417\ent\os\server\src\services\mapping\MappingUtil.cpp  

This message was new to me and hadn't occurred with AIMS 2013.

Also, "Testing connection" always returned "OK" for our raster file data source. The raster file data source uses an ALIAS which points to a shared network drive.

Problem was, that AIMS 2017 was running under local user account. In order to access the network drive AIMS service needs to run under different user account. 

AIMS 2017, SP1

Monday, 12 September 2016

Oracle ANSI JOIN syntax improves peformance

Using ANSI JOIN syntax instead of Oracle Join snytax is recommended - see here:

We found out the hard way:

- a third party application issues simple but nested SQL statements against Map IM views
- for some views we noticed that the query ran for a long time and generated a time out 
- just by changing the JOIN syntax to ANSI join the issue was resolved

Map 2017

Friday, 9 September 2016

AIMS GeoRest - Update 2013 to 2017

I installed AIMS 2017 on our test server. To get Georest extension running again the following steps were required:

(1) change path for virtual folder "rest" to ..Autodesk\Autodesk Infrastructure Web Server Extension 2017\www\GeoREST\bin
(2) re-create Wildcard Module Mapping for GeoRest_ISAPI.dll
(3) copy all GeoRest configuration files from old installation into ..Autodesk Infrastructure Web Server Extension 2017\www\GeoREST\conf
(4) change Port number in conf files (old port number: 2801, new port number: 2811)

Restart IIS, test, done.

AIMS 2017,