Monday, 12 December 2016

AutoCAD Map 2017 Update

It was time to update to a new release and end of November - after  testing - we rolled out Map 2017. Updating the Industry Models in our test environment went well. Functional testing of Map and AIMS did not unveil any major issues. But after we updated our production environment we started to see issues coming in:

AIMS / MapGuide

- GeoRest is very slow - generating an image takes 30 secs
   Insufficient testing: we use Georest to embed maps in Crystal Reports. Our reports are already quite slow. I only tested a simple report  whether the report shows up including the map. The report contains only one map. I did not check any other reports containing more maps - otherwise I would have noticed that reports are not generated anymore / map placeholders are empty.   
- error messages we haven't seen before - causing instability and sometimes crashes
(1)    Error occurred in Feature Source (Library://FS_INFO/WT_IM_I/Data/TopobaseDefault.FeatureSource): Ausnahmefehler in FDO-Komponente aufgetreten.
ORA-12537: TNS: Verbindung beendet ( connection closed)
(2)  Error: Keine weiteren Verbindungen zum FDO-Provider von Autodesk.Topobase konnten erstellt werden. (couldn't create any further connections to Autodesk.Topobase provider)

bit more difficult to find out during testing. I didnt do any stress tests and the issues we see only occur under load. I changed a few settings for AIMS server and we also changed settings in Oracle - it appears that the error messages occur less frequent now. I will wait a few weeks and then check how often AIMS automatically reboots after a crash and then compare that to numbers for AIMS 2013.


- DWG export caused crashes and even after installing HF3 we have crashes in certain situations
  Export as DWG is very important to us - so we put some time in testing the  DWG export. But it seems we did not test enough. Although the crashes only occur in certain situations these situations could have been identified with proper testing. Fortunately Autodesk published Hotfix 3 shortly after we had rolled out Map 2017 - two issue we ran into have been solved now. For a third one - a crash - we had to find our own workaround (in short: if the symbol name in the layer file is too long it can crash Map if you export a certain number of features).

- converting polyline with arcs to IM feature causes unexpected behavior when feature is modified (moving vertexes)
  bad luck - you cannot test everything and there is a workaround.
 So overall - proper testing costs time but it will pay off.

Map 2017, Sp1, HF3


  1. Very interesting! We are also moving from Map 2014 to 2017. I'm now in the test phase and I can already say that 2017 is less toerant with topology- and intesections- issues. Some issues are coming up in 2017 that were ignored in 2014.
    I'm very interesting to hear more about your switch, if you notice other points.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Robert
    good article! We have a similar error with AIMS2013

    Error: Failed to stylize layer: Base_Network
    An exception occurred in FDO component.
    ORA-12537: TNS:connection closed

    Wich parameters in serverconfing.ini and Oracle can help to reduce the number of errors?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Giovanni,

      I think our IT guys only set the session parameter to a new value in Oracle.