Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Publish to AIMS fails if layer groups exist in Display Manager

The following issues is a known defect:

Publish to AIMS fails when layer Groups exist in Display Manager

After running MAPPUBLISHTOMAPGUIDE in a drawing that has layers arranged within Groups, the following error appears in the browser Layout:

The application encountered a problem and could not finish the operation you just requested properly.

If it's the first time you met this problem, try again or restart the application / session; otherwise, describe the steps to reproduce this problem to the server administrator for suggestions.

Known issue. Being tracked as DE7876 internally.

1. Remove all Groups from the Map 3D Display Manager.
3. In AIMS Studio, create Folders to use for grouping Layers.


Apperently the descrpition above applies to Map 2104 (I was told by product support).

I have a related issue in Map 2013 : if my DisplayModel contains only one level of groups publishing to AIMS 2013 is not an issue. Only if the Display Model has subfolders then:
- the top level folder does not appear in MapGuide Studio (I have only one top level folder)
- previewing the map in Studio fails with error message mentioned above

I found the following solution:
- just create the missing top level folder in Studio!

It seems that Map publishes the information about the top level folder but does not create the top level folder itself. Just adding the top level folder solves the issue for me.

Map 2013, SP2

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  1. Be careful when adding the missing group in Studio - you need to take care that the position (order) of the group is correct as well. The "Layers by Group" pane in Studio displays the tree structure correctly but the map viewer will return an error message. When you add the missing group make sure you drag the group in the right position first before renaming it. Rob