Monday, 4 January 2016

Convert Map/FDO lines to ACAD lines

There are situations when you have Map /FDO features but want to use an AutoCAD function, such as dimensions. With Map Industry Models you can apply dimensions on IM features but it is less comprehensive than AutoCAD dimensions. So I wrote - on request - a little tool to convert Map /FDO lines to ACAD polylines "on the fly".

Today another use case for this came up. Sometimes lines from one IM feature source (such as road axis) need to be "copied" to a second feature class (such as cycle paths).  There is no "copy" for IM / Map / FDO geometries in Map. Now the workflow is:
- convert Map / FDO lines to polylines in your drawing ("on the fly")
- create new IM feature and use polyline as geometry input

Map 2013, SP2

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