Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Map Industry Model Plot Extension

If you use Map Industry Model Plot Extension make sure that the layers in your main display model do not contain a spatial filter. A spatial filter is automatically created when you save a display model. In order to remove the spatial filter you need to open the .layer file in an editor and remove the filter setting:

<Filter>GEOM ENVELOPEINTERSECTS GeomFromText('POLYGON XYZ ((698785 258855 0, 700411 258855 0, 700411 260393 0, 698785 260393 0, 698785 258855 0))')</Filter>



It seems that Map applies the filter from the layer file when generating a Map plot. If the spatial filter does not match with the area you want to create a plot for the layer content will not be shown.

Map 2017, Sp1

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