Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hatch pattern "dots" not printed

We just discovered that the widely used hatch pattern "dots" does not appear or is hardly recognizable in any print out.

Left: AutoCAD hatch pattern "dots" printed off with TB2, right Map hatch pattern "dots" printed off with Map.
There is no issue displaying the hatch pattern on screen or when printing to PDF.
But when a hardcopy is produced (either directly by printing from Map or printing off the PDF file) the dots do not appear on paper.

To solve the issue you can add a "Lineweight" to the hatch pattern. The dots will then become visible when printing off a map.

Steps are:
- open layer XML file in an editor
- within the PATH tag add 

- within the ParameterOverrides tag add

You might need to alter SymbolName and the value for ParameterValue.

The result should look like this:

<LineWeight> added within PATH section....
... and corresponding Override section added as well.

Map 2013, SP2

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