Thursday, 30 April 2015

Master detail form - no records shown in detail form

I re-blog an older post today as I just came across the same issue again but I had forgotten about it. I wasted some time testing all sorts of things before I looked it up on the web finding my own posting!

When you create a Master Detail form Map needs to insert some records into certain system tables. Unfortunately with Map 2013 not all of those entries are created properly. You need to add missing ones manually to table TB_GN_DIALOG. Look up the record for your form and check the columns "detail_fieldname" and "master_fieldname". They need to refer to the FID columns of the tables involved.

You can navigate to the record in TB_GN_DIALOG more easily if you:
- open the master-detail form you need to rectify in preview mode in Map-Administrator
- click into the input text box of the detail form (just above the tool-bar)
- press Ctrl+D

The form for TB_GN_DIALOG will open and display the record you need to check/edit.

TB_GN_DIALOG - detail_fieldname is empty

Master-Detail form now functiong properly after fxing entries in TB_GN_DIALOG

Map 2103, SP2

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  1. I forgot to mention - close and re-open the project in order to apply new settings.