Friday, 12 June 2015

error message "item has already been added" when opening form

I just received an error message as I opened a form for a newly created view:

Das Element wurde bereits hinzugefügt. Schlüssel im Wörterbuch: "191168". Hinzuzufügender Schlüssel: "191168"

and Bing translation:

The item has already been added. Key in dictionary: "191168". Key being added: "191168"

and Google translation:

The item has been added . Key in dictionary: " 191168 " . Be added is key : " 191168 "

Bit of fun on a friday afternoon....

Ok, the number mentioned in the error message text is an FID and unfortuantely the FIDs are not unique in my view. This causes the error message and as a result no useful information is displayed in my form:

FID needs to be unique....

In Map IM FID needs to be unique.

Map 2013, SP2

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