Thursday, 20 November 2014

AIMS / MapGuide - scripts for map maintenance

I have written a small script which helps with "map maintenance". We have 50+ maps - nearly all of them derived from a map template. From time to time we need to add new layers to our maps - a quite awkward and time consuming process with MapGuide Studio. The script allows to insert layers and groups into all maps. Drawing order of layers and position of the group in the legend tree can be controlled (by referencing an existing layer or group). I have used the script a couple of times now it seems to work well. The script is far from being perfect - despite it might be helpful to others.
If you are interested let me know - I do not want to provide the scripts as simple download (yet) as it is "work in progress" and text/comments/variable names 
are in German only. I'm interested in collaborating with anyone else out there wanting to improve MapGuide maintenance through scripting (PHP). Just drop me a line: robert.fritz - at -

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