Wednesday, 19 November 2014

MapGuide / AIMS performance

Most of the data we publish to our intranet web gis (based on AIMS 2013) comes from Oracle via FDO Topobase provider. For performance reasons we have created an SDF file for the most often used base data - containing 30+ tables and 700'000 features. To my surprise the SDF file is not as fast as I expected. By changing the default value "DataConnectionPoolExcludedProviders" performance increased noticable.

By default SDF files are excldued from ConnectionPooling:
DataConnectionPoolExcludedProviders = OSGeo.SDF,OSGeo.SHP

By uncommenting the line and restarting AIMS things got better:

#DataConnectionPoolExcludedProviders = OSGeo.SDF,OSGeo.SHP

This has been mentioned before - but somehow I didn't know it. Here is an older reference:

In the next few days I will look into SQLite files as an alternative to SDF. A first test seems to be promising - SQLite file was much faster than SDF.

Map 2013, SP2

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  1. Hi Robert

    The SQLite is the fastet format for MapGuide (AIMS). We have all our base layer on SQLite. SQLite have one bug or problem, you can only update the file, when the mapguide-service is stopped. we stopped all night the Service for update the data.