Tuesday, 2 June 2015

call ERMS d3 from form

To call d.3 - an electronic document management system - one can use the following code to lookup certain linked documents:

 Public Overrides Sub Button_Click()  
 ' ERMS d.3 parameter needs to be base64 encoded  
 ' ERMS d.3 - link to program and serach-field name  
  Dim ermsAufrufFix As String = "d3://searchdxplorer&doc_field_1="  
 ' ERMS d.3 get object id for current feature  
  Dim _name_number_value As String = Me.Dialog.Controls.Item("NAME_NUMBER").value   
 ' searching for specific entries only ("Dossier") - parameter and value  
  Dim tempSuchParameter As String = "3T." + _name_number_value  
 ' base64 encoding  
 Dim ermsSuchobjektID As String  
 Dim data As Byte()  
 data = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(tempSuchParameter )  
 ermsSuchobjektID = System.Convert.ToBase64String(data)  
 ' combine all parameters  
 Dim ERMSAufruf = ermsAufrufFix + ermsSuchobjektID   
 ' start/call ERMS d.3     
 Dim pro As New System.Diagnostics.Process  
 pro.Start(ERMSAufruf )  
 End Sub  

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