Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Map workflow - separate files for specific area

Situation: ca 7000 tiled raster files in one folder but only a subset for a specific area is required, SHP file containing tiles and filenames and SHP file with area of interest available

raster tiles (green), area of interest (blue)


1 - load both SHP files into Map
2 - spatial query to select tiles for area of interest

raster tiles for area of interest

3 - export attribute data for selection

shp with tiles (selection for area of interest) - export attribute data (filenames) 

4 - open attribute data in Excel
5 - extract exact filename with Excel and add addtional parameters (DOS commands), as result you need something like this: 

copy 6895_2595_r3x.tif c:\temp\dom
copy 6895_2600_r3x.tif c:\temp\dom
copy 6895_2605_r3x.tif c:\temp\dom

further processing in Excel

6 - copy result into new textfile, save as BAT file into folder with raster files and execute

What happens if you do not have a SHP file containg tiles and filenames?

This might be an option to create one with Map:

- load raster files into Map (command: _mapiinsert), choose option to show frame only (do not load thousands of raster files, only let Map display the frames)

_mapiinsert - show frames only

- add AutoCAD layer with image frames to DisplayManager (query current drawing)

- add a label to the newly add layer, choose ".IMAGENAME" as label text

label added to iamge frames - path to file is used as text

- export as SHP (command: _mapexport), export option "Text" : you will get a Point SHP with text insertion points as points and label text as attribute

- use point shape for spatial query

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