Thursday, 6 August 2015

Guest user/role - strange issues

We had two strange issues in AutoCAD Map related to guest users/roles (SecurityAdmin). Complexity is raised by the fact that we also have an job-enabled industry model and a topology.

Issue #1
Map crashed when we deleted a feature in "Live" state (from a certain feature class beloging to an area-topology)  when using a guest user/role (SecurityAdmin). 

The feature actually got deleted - the issue was the crash.

CER report and Map log file contained the following piece of information:

System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt.
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Data.FeatureClass.GetChildrenFeatureIDs(IEnumerable`1 fids, HashMap`2 parentToChildren, Int32 depth, Boolean geometryFeaturesOnly)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapLogicImpl.RegenenerateFromModificationLog(Boolean regenerate)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapLogicImpl.MapDrawBurstDisposed(MapDrawBurstImpl burst, Boolean disposing)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapDrawBurst.Dispose()
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapLogicImpl.DeleteFidTidArray(FidTidArray fta)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapLogicImpl.DeleteFeatures(String prompt)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.Map.MapDocument.Delete_Interaction(Object sender, InteractionEventArgs e)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.CommandRegistry.API.BaseCommandRegistry.Execute(String globalName, CommandExecute commandCallback, Boolean async, Document document, Object[] args)
 bei Autodesk.Map.IM.CommandRegistry.API.BaseCommandRegistry.Execute(String globalName, Boolean async, Object[] args)

 This issue has been resolved by re-creating the Guest-user/role in SecurityAdmin.

Issue #2

It was not possible to create a new feature (for a certain feature class beloging to an area-topology) in an "open" job when:

- using a guest user/role (Security Admin)
- using a non-Admin Map user.

We got the following error message : 

Vorgang ist fehlgeschlagen, da ein Spatial-Index nicht in der Fachschale vorhanden ist.

(Industry model does not have a spatial index. )

No message appeared in Map's log file.

There was no issue creating the feature when logging in with a Map user who has Admin permission (Map-Admin, not Windows or Oracle Admin). 

My colleague showed me the issue on his machine yesterday. He had done several tests over the last two days. The issue always occured whilst testing. Today I did a test on my machine and the issue did not occur. Then my colleague did test on his machine again and got the same result.. We tried to find out if the issue is related to a certain workflow but to no avail. 

Map 2013, SP2

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