Friday, 7 August 2015

Guest user/role - strange issue #2, solved

As mentioned yesterday we encountered a strange issue related to guest users/roles. Basically it seemed that it is not possible to create a new feature (no matter for which feature class) when working with an guest user/role in our job enabled LandManagement industry model. Instead my colleague got an error message regarding a missing spatial index. Confusing was, that it seemed to work when using a Map-Admin user. Further confusion was caused by the fact that when working directly on the data user the problem did not occur either. When I performed a test on my computer I was not able to reproduce the issue at all.  

As it turns out our testing was not so comprehensive as it should have been in the first place and with hindsight the behaviour we observed can be explained.

Culprit seems to be a setting in Map's Global Enterprise Industry Model options (setting is replicated in IM options) : "Vicinity For Digitising Points [m] "

If "Vicinity For Digitising Points [m] " is turned on we get the error message, otherwise we don't. The setting itself is probably not to blame - we actually misunderstood the meaning of the option and can now safely turn it off. I think the option will cause Map to look through all point feature classes and if one of them doesn't have a spatial index one will get the error message.....

The issue is not related to topologies or guest user or non Map-Admin user. As we used different Map users and different industry models (data or guest user) during testing the aformentioned option was not uniformly set, caused therefore different results.

Map 2013, SP2

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