Thursday, 23 January 2014

"Convert to industry model" – known limitations in Map 2013 Sp2

Map 2013 comes with a new feature called "Convert to industry model" which allows import of GIS data (via FDO) and CAD drawings (DWG) into an industry model (command: _mapconverttomodel). There are a few limitations I have found so far setting the tool up for different SHP and DWG imports into Oracle based industry models:

-       mapping file stores file name of input data file used when creating the mapping file. Later on mapping file cannot be applied to file with different file name. You need to adapt file name (either of file or in mapping file)

-      you cannot import multiple SHP files at the same time although you can set up the mapping for. Right now you need to import each file separately – this also requires to create a mapping fileseparately

-      the mapping dialog box is a bit confusing when you open an existing mapping file as it shows all boxes ticked on the data source side although not all attributes have been configuried for import

-      an empty layer in DWG file will stop the import process if the layer is part of your mapping but does not contain any cad features to import

-      so far all polygon SHP files have been imported incorrectly with the result that Oracle Spatial throws error messages when validating the geometry (same result is shown when you run 1-Click Maintanence with the Geometry check option enabled). Polygon features are displayed in Map nonetheless. Geometry can be mended with Oracle Spatial SQL (or just use GeoRaptor in SQLDeveloper).

-        When importing a SHP with an DATE datatype and it is mapped to VARCHAR2 column then Map adds "DATE" in front of the date. You need to clean it up yourself with SQL.

According to support some issues have already been resolved in Map 2014.

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