Saturday, 26 December 2015

DWG-Export - Missing/wrong z-value

With Map 2013 height information (attribute data in Industry Model) of point features will not be exported as z-value for AutoCAD points/blocks. 
In newer versions of Map the attribute value will be exported but apparently there is a bug so that the AutoCAD points/blocks might get a wrong z-value.

Here is a little tool which assigns the z-value to blocks after exporting the drawing. DWG export needs to include XDATA:
- export the drawing (command: maptoacad) and include XDATA
- configure the XML file according to your needs
- open the exported drawing and run the tool.

Configuration file explanation:
        <Infotext>AV - 17.7.2014</Infotext>                    

<Infotext> - just some information, not processed
<Layername> - AutoCAD layername where to find the blocks
<SpaltennameHoehe> - name of the attribute containing the z-value (your feature class or view needs to have the z-value as attribute in order to get it exported as XDATA)
<SpaltennameNummer> - name of the attribute containg a point number (appears in report)

attribute names in FDO feature source - data needs to be exported as XDATA
This is a stripped down version of a tool containing further dwg export post processing features. Sample drawing is included. Tested with Map 2013, should run with newer versions as well. In german language only.

a) download
b) extract ZIP and unblock DLL (otherwise it won't load in Map)
c) open sample drawing
d) command: netload to load DLL file
e) command: WIN_DWGEXPORTPOSTPROC to run tool
f) load attached sample XML configuration file


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