Saturday, 26 December 2015

Map tools

There was the wish to simplify some workflows in Map. Here are a few commands we have added:

WIN_FDO_CONVERT_LINES - converts FDO line features to ACAD polylines (layers and color is hard coded, only geometry is converted, not the display style) 
WIN_INTERSECT_LINES - draws point at intersection between two lines (CAD or FDO lines)
WIN_INTERSECT_LINEPOINT - draws point at intersection between existing line (CAD or FDO) and line defined by two points

WIN_FDOLAYER_ISOLATE - isolates the Map layer for selected features
WIN_FDOLAYER_TURNOFF - turns Map layer off for selected features
WIN_FDOLAYER_RESTORE - restores the original visibility settings for Map layers
WIN_FDOLAYERGROUP_VISIBILITY - lets you turn on/off visibility of Map layer groups

For easy use we have put all commands in toolbar:

Maybe there are useful for someone else. 


a) download
b) extract ZIP file
c) unblock the two dll files (otherwise they won't be loaded in Map)
d) copy the two "bundle" folders (WIN_FDO_DynFeatures.bundle, WIN_FDO_Layertools.bundle) to one of Map's default plugin folders (C:\Users\<<user>>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins
 or C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins)
e) start Map - dlls will be loaded automatically

Language: german, english.
WIN_FDO_DynFeatures - will not run with Civil
WIN_FDO_Layertools - should run with Map and Civil

Both dlls are more or less tested with Map 2013 but newer version should work as well.

I don't have the time to finish the tools. They do their work in our environment. If you find bugs let me know.


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