Friday, 24 January 2014

Display WMS/WFS requests sent by Map (FDO)

If you need to monitor / check http requests sent by FDO WMS/WFS providers you can use Fiddler. Setting it up correctly took me some time and caused head scratching as well. Fiddler is not aware of FDO http requests – you need to reroute the requests to Fiddlers internal proxy server. I sit behind a network proxy which makes things bit more complicated. 

FDO WMS in Map - http requests are shown in Fiddler
Here is my configuration – actually quite simple:

- Fiddler (
- Fiddler Options > Gateway > "Use System Proxy"
(when changing settings there restart Fiddler).

- Map 2013 SP2 Data Connect > FDO WMS Provider, proxy settings:
  Proxy-server:, port: 8888 (Fiddlers internal proxy)
  username /-password: my Windows credentials required to get through our network proxy server.
This doesn't work for all WMS servers I have tested so far. 
Further information can be found at the Map guy(de) blog.


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