Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Display models - TB2 / Map / DWG-Export - progress report

We have invested quite some time in creating proper display models. We need to provide data to internal and external customers. With TB2 you can just save a drawing - with Map it gets more complicated...

Here is one example - "Leitungskataster Wasser". All styles are laid down in engineering standards which apply to the whole of Switzerland (similar standards exist in other countries as well).

data representation in TB2, Map, and Map-DWG Export

The screenshot shows:
- current representation of data in TB2 (plain CAD drawing we would pass on to customers)
- representation in Map (based on our new display model - FDO based)
- DWG as result of DWG-Export in Map and some additional tweaking

In Tb2 some features are drawn as CAD - multilines - something Map-DWG Export does not support. We have written a small tool which converts the exported polylines into multilines and applies the correct multilinestyle and scale as well.

Map 2013, SP2

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